About Membership

Since its inception in 1996, KMDI has prided itself on collaborations across disciplines, faculties, and institutes. KMDI is a focal point for knowledge transfer, knowledge media and digital technologies at the University of Toronto. Currently KMDI provides an academic space where researchers and learners from a wide range of disciplinary domains can discuss, learn and create together. In order to strengthen the KMDI community and foster new growth and energy, we have reinstituted KMDI Membership status under more stringent criteria, and we have introduced the KMDI Associate Member category.

Requirements for Election as a KMDI Member

Election of qualified people as full members of the Knowledge Media Design Institute is at the discretion of the KMDI Executive Committee.

KMDI Member (Full)

A KMDI Member typically has a graduate degree in a cognate discipline and is involved with the institute in one or more ways that benefit the institute. A member must be actively involved with KMDI to maintain membership. Evidence of participation includes, but is not limited to:

Course Instruction
Assignment of instructors for courses in the KMD Collaborative Specialization is a the discretion of the collaborative specialization (CS) director and the CS committee. Professors who teach KMDI courses without billing for their involvement (either directly or through their departments) would automatically qualify as members of the Institute. Instructors who teach courses in other departments that are cross-listed as KMDI courses would need to be involved in other relevant activities to qualify as full KMDI members.

Overhead Recovery
A researcher who has a research grant that attracts overhead which is administered by KMDI would typically qualify as a full member of the institute.

KMDI Events
Organization of events that are approved by the KMDI executive committee or the CP committee are relevant activities in building a case for full membership of KMDI.

Special Achievements
Anyone who has made major contributions to an area that is relevant to KMDI may be nominated for consideration by the executive committee for full membership.

Rights and Responsibilities of Full Members of KMDI

Only a full member of KMDI may serve as the Director, Collaborative Specialization Director, or be a member of the Executive Committee or Collaborative Specialization Committee.

  • KMD Supervision
    Only a full member of KMDI can act as supervisor to one of our Collaborative Specialization students. In cases where the primary supervisor is not a full member of KMDI, a full member of KMDI may serve as co-supervisor to satisfy this requirement.
  • Member Listing
    Full members of KMDI (with their approval) will be listed on the KMDI website and on relevant KMDI publications.

Associate Member

An Associate Member is someone who has an active interest in KMD. Associate membership will normally be given automatically upon request, but it may be withdrawn at any time if, in the judgment of the executive committee, the associate member is not acting in the best interests of the institute or is mis-representing their status as an associate member of KMDI. Associate Members would be expected to participate in KMDI activities but at a lower rate than full members. Examples of participation by associate members include, but are not limited to:

  • Contribution to the KMDI publications (web based and otherwise)
  • Contributions to teaching in the form of helping with a Workshop or Lecture.

Thus, an Associate Member might provide support in the form of a one time class lecture, or assist with the presentation of a KMDI workshop.

Become A Member

KMDI Members and Associate Members are chosen by invitation. However, they may also be nominated by themselves or by others, the final decision of memberships is at the discretion of the executive committee.

To formally nominate yourself or an individual submit a request for consideration via e-mail to admin.kmdi@utoronto.ca with the subject line “KMDI Membership”. In the body of the e-mail please provide the nominees name, affiliations, and a brief regarding interest in being involved with KMDI and potential contributions.