Executive Committee

Kelly Lyons, Faculty of Information, Associate Dean, Academic and Associate Professor, Interim Director of KMDI (Chair)

Jonathan Rose, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor

Rhonda McEwen, Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Tecnhology, and iSchool, Associate Professor

Gerald Penn, Computer Science, Associate Professor

Matt Ratto, Faculty of Information, Associate Professor

Program Committee

Olivier St-Cyr, Faculty of Information, Director of KMD Collaborative Program (Chair)

Clare Brett, OISE, Chair of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Guy Allen, OISE, Language & Literacies Education, Professor

Liat Margolis, Daniels Faculty, Director of Landscape Architecture

Patrick Keilty, Faculty of Information, Assistant Professor

Costis Dallas, Faculty Information, Director of Collaborative Programs + Museum Study

Joseph Ferenbok, Director of Translational Research Program

Howard Mount, Institute of Medical Science, Graduate Coordinator

Steve Easterbrook, Computer Science, Professor

Antje Budde, Drama, Associate Director Graduate Studies

Frances Garrett, Religion, Associate Chair

Mark Chignell, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Professor