KMD Reports

Technical Reports are KMDI’s mechanism to keep community members active and updated on a range of interesting technologies. We welcome technological reports on a range of themes at the intersection of media, knowledge and design. The Reports are reviewed by an editorial team (and subject experts where appropriate) and are archived on the University of Toronto TSpace.

To submit a report:

  1. Download the report template here.
  2. Submit finished draft for review here.

Review Process:

  1. We will endeavor to review submissions within 4 weeks.
  2. Submissions are reviewed by an editorial team of members from the KMDI community.
  3. Approved submissions are posted below and archived on U of T’s TSpace.

Tech Reports:

Item Date Title Authors Link
KMD-16-2 February 10, 2016 Predicting Emergency Department Visits Based on Cancer Patient Types Mahsa Rouzbahman, Mark Chignell, Lisa Barbera KMD Report 2016-2
KMD-16-1 January 19, 2016 Exploring the Use of Capacitive Sensing to Externally Measure Liquid Level in Fluid Containers Mingming Fan, Khai N. Truong, Abhishek Ranjan KMD Report 2016-1
KMD-15-1 December 8, 2015 Towards a Model for Likelihood to Recommend (L2R) based on Accumulated Experience with an Online Service Leon Zucherman, Mark Chignell, Jie Jiang KMD Report 2015-1
KMD-14-6 October 28, 2014   "Frustration in Response to Impairments and Failures in Online Services and Resulting Impact on Customer Attitudes" Mark Chignell, Andrea Jovanovic Chelsea de Guzman Jie Jiang Leon Zucherman KMD Report 2014 – 6
KMD-14-5 July 14, 2014   "Using Multiple Membership Multilevel Models to Examine Multilevel Networks in Networked Organizations" Guang Ying Mo, Barry Wellman KMD REPORT 2014-5
KMD-14-4 June 27, 2014 Predicting ICU Death with Summarized Data: The Emerging Health Data Search Engine Mahsa Rouzbahman, Mark Chignell KMD REPORT-2014-4
KMD-14-3 June 27, 2014 A Search Engine for Structured Health Data Mark Chignell, Mahsa Rouzbahman KMD REPORT-2014-3
KMD-13-2 April 5, 2013 2-Thumb Gesture: The Design & Evaluation of a Non-Sequential Bi-manual Gesture Based Text Input for Touch Tablets Khai Truong, Sen Hirano, Gillian R. Hayes, Karyn Moffatt TechKMD-2013-2
KMD-13-1 April 5, 2013 Texting from the Toilet: Mobile Computing Use and Acceptance in Private and Public Restrooms Khai Truong, Julie A. Kientz, Eun Kyoung Choe TechKMD-2013-1