Booking Makerspace/VR Room 417

Please note to book room 417 a minimum of 2 weeks notice must be given. Also a trained student assistant present during the event that has working knowledge of the equipment in room 417.

There is a general work table as well as a variety of areas set up around the room. Currently these are 3D printing, VR, 3D scanning, and fabric areas. Make sure to note which equipment you wish to use and confirm your student assistant has training on the equipment you will be using.

If you do not have a trained student assistant you can pay for one at KMDI – Semaphore if they are available.
Please fill out the following form below.

Responsibilities for the equipment and room.

  1. You are responsible to damage done to the machines during your booking
  2. Leave every station you use as well as the general worktables clean and put away equipment used.
  3. Software cannot be added to the computers without prior approval.
  4. If you have a multiple day booking you must make arrangements if you are leaving anything in the room including project activities.
  5. The makerspace does not take responsibility for items left in the room under any circumstances.

To request a booking for your event in the inForum KMDI-Semaphore Makerspace, please fill in the form below.

Prior to submitting a request to book room 417 in the Inforum for a Faculty of Information-related event, please review the Inforum’s Hours of operation to ensure that we are open during your anticipated event date and time