Joseph Ferenbok

KMD CS Committee

Dr. Ferenbok is an Associate Professor in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology and Director and founder of the Translational Research Program (TRP). The TRP is a master’s program training students to use creative problem-solving to translate research towards innovation in health sciences. He is Course Director for Projects in Translational Research and for Methods in Practices and Contexts, and Instructor for the Translational Thinking module.

He is also an Associate Director of the Health Innovation Hub, a Temerty Faculty of Medicine initiative intended to connect, align, serve, and facilitate the translation, innovation, and commercialization of ‘Health Matters’; and the Founder and Chief Ideator at the Ideation Clinic – a new initiative intended to help people from all disciplines and backgrounds generate, develop and improve the quality and potential efficacy of their innovative ideas.

His passion is bringing people together through collaborative problem-solving to understand and develop systematic approaches for mobilizing knowledge. Dr. Ferenbok aims to aid in developing more efficient and effective design of person-centric interventions (from diagnostics and therapeutics to medical procedures and behavioral change) that improve the health of individuals and the public. He is fascinated by trying to see from different perspectives and approach problems from unconventional ways.