KMD 1001H: Theory and Methods in Knowledge Media Design

Summer 2021

Date/Time: Mondays & Wednesdays 4 – 7pm
Dates: May to June 2021, start date: May 3, 2021
Location: Online (instructions to be communicated to students)
Instructor: Mary Elizabeth Luka

Knowledge media are systems incorporating computer and communications technology that enhance human thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, and learning. This course explores the research methods that are used in innovative and human-centered design. It demonstrates the use of those research methods in knowledge media design in areas such as communication, collaboration, and learning. The course will provide a foundation for other KMD courses and includes topics in requirements analysis, user research, and human-centered design. The course will also discuss issues in relation to knowledge media design, including social implications of knowledge media; examples and applications of knowledge media; and examples of design thinking.

KMD1001H has seven key learning objectives:

  • Enable students to iteratively develop and improve their definitions and understandings of “knowledge media” and “design”, and explore linkages to their studies and practice.
  • Explore design thinking; design as a problem-solving strategy and way of thinking.
  • Introduce students to research methodologies related to design, including ethnography, interviews, surveys, focus groups, and user-centered design.
  • Engage the students with the research work of KMD faculty.
  • Explore different means to communicate the design process, including academic publication, posters, reports and client presentations.
  • Enable students to hear about knowledge media design practices as carried out by practitioners in industry.
  • Provide a core shared experience for KMD CS students.