KMD 1002H: KMD Applications in Knowledge Media

Next Offering: Winter 2025

KMD1002H is offered on a bi-yearly basis. The next offering will be Winter 2025. 

This course explores the definitions and implications of Knowledge Media Design using a

seminar format, with annual course themes chosen to improve students’ domain expertise. This knowledge-building seminar emerges through community collaboration, with the annual reading list co-created through identification of student interests, emergent social issues, and faculty expertise drawn from across the Knowledge Media Design Institute. Discussions include reflection and interpretation, building connections across themes to establish a knowledge community amongst participants.

By the end of the course, students will:

  • Understand fundamental concepts and practices relating to knowledge media design, and will be able to interpret changing information practices and needs of society
  • Develop abilities to apply and interpret research at the graduate level from the various literatures that inform these studies
  • Learn about constructive discourse in a graduate seminar, reading literature, holding productive discussions, building on ideas, and advancing the collective understanding of a learning community
  • Develop their abilities to assess and critique their own work and the work of their fellow students through regular interactions and presentations of work in progress. The concurrent goal of developing written and oral communication skills will be pursued through in-class discussion, in-class presentations, and the sharing of written work
  • Enhance the capacity required to better understand cross-disciplinary research terminology and assess research published in different fields, including academic, industry, artistic, activist and government sources (building on KMD1001)
  • Engage with the research work of KMDI faculty and international colleagues (shared with KMD1001)
  • Provide a core shared experience for KMD Collaborative Specialization (CS) students (shared with KMD1001)