KMD 2004H: Knowledge Media, Culture & Society


Date/Time: TBD
Location: TBD
Instructor: TBD

In this course students will learn how are social media practices reshaping landscapes of education and public engagement and offers an overview of two areas of media, knowledge design, and technologies: (a) media education and media literacy, (b) philosophies of technology.  The seminar engages scholarly debates surrounding the exponential rise of access to information and communication technologies, rethinking pedagogy and curricula–across disciplines–to accommodate radically changing practices of knowledge design, and what modes of media education and literacy are best suited to information saturation. Students will be familiarized with: key theorists of media and technology (ranging from McLuhan to Baudrillard, and DeBord to Innis); the changing practices of media in education.  Students will then be given an opportunity to integrate their knowledge through a collaborative KMD group project focused on technology and education cross-disciplinary contexts to articulate design strategies suited to an era of digital culture.