Robarts Library

Updates: Visiting KMDI-Semaphore Lab


With the recent changes and loosening of the COVID-19 safety measures, here’s an update on what to expect for the Semaphore Lab (Robarts rom 7020):

  • everyone in the lab must wear a mask, be vaccinated and complete the UCheck before arriving to campus
  • no capacity limits in research spaces
  • no food allowed in research spaces, dedicated eating area/staff lounge near the washrooms is open. Masks may be removed while eating/drinking but 2 m social distancing needs to be maintained.

Guests and visitors:

Visitor hosts (Faculty of Information faculty, staff and students) are responsible for:

a. Providing to their visitors the  the Visitor Paper Assessment form

The visitor forms outline the requirements for:

  • vaccination status check
  • health screening
  • masking requirements

b. Ensuring the forms are sent to Jane Johansen not earlier than 24 hours prior to the visit each day the visitor is expected onsite.

Key fobs:  Your fobs will refresh once you use them at the main entrance of the lab. If you have any problems, please contact the Facilities Coordinator (, Bissell Building, 2nd floor office


For more information:

Faculty of Information Resources and FAQs for COVID-19

University of Toronto UTogether page