Workshop Series Spots Open

Information Services and KMDI are piloting an initiative to connect professionals and researchers with our current students and our development opportunities by a opening a few spaces within selected workshops to non-iSchoolers or non-KMD students for a small fee. To secure your space, register for the workshops listed below:

For those who are interested but were unable to secure a spot, please sign up on the waiting list, as we will use those numbers to inform future workshops slots.

The registration fee must be paid for with cash in-person and prior to the workshop. Credit cards and cheques are not accepted and exact change is required.  A receipt will be issued upon payment and refunds will not be issued.  Zoe Jaremus or Gillian Goerz will contact you via the email you have provided to arrange a time for payment.  At the time of payment, the room number and your login for the computers will be provided.