Technoscience Research Unit (TRU)

Techno Science Unit

The Technoscience Research Unit at the University of Toronto is a home for critical and creative research on the politics of technoscience.  As a cross-faculty research unit, the TRU is located at the Faculty of Information and jointly supported by the Faculty of Arts and Science, with its start in the Women and Gender Studies Institute.  The TRU draws together social justice approaches to Science and Technology Studies from across the university.

The TRU membership is composed of postdoctoral fellows, research fellows, graduate students, and affiliated faculty.

The TRU co-organizes the Technoscience Salon, is an editorial hub for the journal Catalyst, hosts conferences,  and supports research projects, reading and writing groups, and conferences organized by its members. The TRU has an ongoing collaboration with the Politics of Evidence Working Group at York University, led by Natasha Myers. The TRU was founded by the director, Michelle Murphy, and Brian Beaton in 2007.