We offer several courses in Knowledge Media Design, from fundamental concepts to practices in a variety of contexts.

  • KMD 2100Y – Completion of KMDI Speaker Series Lectures, (Master’s Level). This course is assigned as Credit/No Credit.
  • KMD 2200Y – Completion of KMDI Speaker Series Lectures, (Doctoral Level). This course is assigned as Credit/No Credit.
  • Please check this website for the timetables. Students interested in Readings in Knowledge Media Design (KMD3000H/3001H) should contact for further information.

Affiliate Courses

The courses listed below are offered by our collaborating graduate unit and satisfy KMD requirements. These courses may not be offered every year. Courses that are mandatory for a student’s degree from the home graduate unit cannot be counted. Students are responsible for consulting with their home departments to ensure proper completion of degree requirements. Some of the elective courses may require a significant amount of background knowledge and experience. Enrollment in such courses may require the permission of the instructor. For questions and assistance with registration contact

Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, and Visual Studies

LAN 1021H – Visual Communication 1
LAN 1022H – Visual Communication 2
LAN 1031H – History Theory Criticism 1
LAN 1032H – History Theory Criticism 2
URD 1031H – The History of Toronto Urban Form
URD 1041H – Introduction to Urban Design Theory
VIS 1010H – Contemporary Art Since 1960
VIS 1020H – Contemporary Art: Theory and Criticism
VIS 1101H – Paradigmatic Exhibitions: History, Theory, Criticism

Computer Science

CSC 2514H – Human-Computer Interaction
CSC 2526H – Topics in Ubiquitous Computing: Inclusive Computing
CSC 2537H – Information Visualization
CSC 2552H – Topics in Computational Social Science
CSC 2556H – Algorithms for Collective Decision Making
CSC 2720H – Systems Thinking for Global Problems

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

CTL 1602H – Introduction to Computers in Education
CTL 1608H – Constructive Learning and the Design of Online Learning Environments (Online)
CTL 1609H – Educational Applications of Computer Mediated Communications (Online)
CTL 1926H – Knowledge Media and Learning
CTL 5015H – Social Media and Education

Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies

DRA 3904H – Performing Failure: Critical Theories on Perfection and the Sublime
DRA3908HF Creative Labor and The Science of Awe
DRA3904HS Livestreaming with (DDL)2: Artistic and Professional Explorations of a Digital Media Challenge


INF 1602H – Fundamentals of User Experience  NEW
INF 2122H – Digital Preservation and Curation
INF 2169H – User-Centred Information Systems Development
INF 2170H – Information Architecture
INF 2191H – User Interface Design
INF 2192H – Representing UX
INF 2197H – Special Topics in Information Studies: Information in a Disabling Society
INF 2241H – Critical Making
INF 2242H – Studying Information and Knowledge Practices
INF 2243H – Critical Histories of Information and Communication Technologies
INF 2300H – Special Topics: Biodesign, Emerging Technologies, and Social Impact
INF 2303H – Special Topics: Critical Game Studies  NEW
INF 2306H – Special Topics in Information Studies: Designing for Knowledge Work
INF 2330H – Information Ethnography
INF 2331H – The Future of the Book
INF 2320H – Remix Culture

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

MIE 1401H – Human Factors Engineering
MIE 1402H – Experimental Methods in Human Factors Research

Medical Science

MSC 1002H – Overview of Methods in Practices & Contexts
MSC 1003H – Rhetoric of Science

Museum Studies

MSL 2000H – Curatorial Practice
MSL 2325H – Museums and New Media Practice
MSL 2330H – Interpretation and Meaning-Making in Cultural Institutions
MSL 2500H – Constructing and Curating Digital Heritage


RLG 2023H – Religion, Media, and Culture