Artistic Intelligence: Creative and political agency in the age of AI

“A /I, artistic intelligence, is something that speaks to creative and political agency in the age of AI, which completely works on mimetic impulses because it really wants to imitate the human mind. We haven’t come very far with it, and certainly machines do not understand humour or jokes yet.”

In this interview style lecture, Professor Budde discusses the trajectory of her work and the modes of how she operates as a researcher and as a creative. Examples of Professor Budde’s performance work are shown and used as starting points to discuss a variety of topics including collaboration and shared creation, technology visibility and performance, and artistic intelligence. Concepts and principles related to digital dramaturgy are also discussed and explained. Performance changes in response to COVID-19 public health restrictions are also mentioned throughout the lecture.

The Speaker

Antje Budde, Associate Professor | Centre for Drama, Theatre, & Performance Studies

Related Research

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