2015 Fall poster session winners stand out with engaging and practical research

On Dec. 2, KMDI hosted it’s fifth bi-annual poster session alongside an end-of-term party. Students from the  KMD 1001 (taught by Dr. Winnie Chen and Dr. Wayne Giang), showcased their work from the term.

The students and faculty met in the Bissell Building’s Inforum shared food and talked about the different concepts from their posters. Dr. Ryan Kealey, a recent graduate of the KMDI program thought it was a great night.

“Honestly this poster session was the best I’ve seen,” Kealey said. “Presentations from every group were motivated, informed, and full of interesting ideas.”

The winners for the Fall 2015 Poster session are Claire Hoon, Shuiyao Wang and Yuchen Jia for their work, Mobile Augmented Reality & ART Museum.  Judge, Dr. Anthony Wensley  believes they won the Award for Course-based Research in Knowledge Media Design for a some key reasons.

“This was an engaging project about engagement – an interesting reflexive research topic,” Wensley said. “The poster for this project was comprehensive while being direct and appropriately explanatory. It also provided interactivity in a manner that was attuned precisely to the research topic. The judging committee (Dr. Mark Chignell, Dr. Winnie Chen, Dr. Wayne Giang, Dr. Kelly Lyons, Dr. Anthony Wensley and Dr. Ryan Kealey) felt that not only was the research on which the project was based well covered but the group had constructed a research project that would constitute the foundation of much future valuable research into approaches to engaging individuals with exhibitions and other demonstrations/presentations.”

Of the judging criteria, Dr. Wensley said the judging committee looked at the poster itself, the presentation, answers given to judges about the project itself, and research completed for the project.

“(We) looked for a poster that concisely summarized the project and communicated all aspects of the research project in a clear, impactful and engaging way…The judging committee further looked at the ability of the groups to answer, often challenging, questions about their work,” Wensley said.

Dr. Wensley concluded that the judging committee assessed the extent to which groups had drawn on appropriate researching completing their project and the future potential of their project.  Dr. Kealey said the winning poster was also exceptional in the practicality of the idea and appreciated the work of all the students.

“The amount of work that obviously went in to the poster session was remarkably impressive and speaks volumes for the engagement of students in the KMDI program,” Kealey said. “We have little doubt that all of the students taking part in the poster session will go on to apply the lessons learnt in KMDI in creative and challenging ways.”
We’re looking forward to seeing the work that comes in for the Spring Session. Check out the winning poster Fall 2015 Winning Poster and check out the gallery below for pictures from the night.