Academic TikTok Report

The KMDI’s Academic TikTok Project (2021-2022) explored why and how academics might use TikTok in their teaching or for research knowledge mobilization (i.e., sharing findings, arguments, and theories). The pilot study included a literature review, an environmental scan, a preliminary design (walkthrough) analysis, and the compilation of a “playlist” of exemplary existing TikToks. The Academic TikTok Report makes a unique and timely intervention into emerging discussions about educational applications of TikTok — a corporately owned social media platform initially made popular by youth for sharing memes and creating dance videos —for student and community outreach and other scholarly activities. Written by Danica Facca, Arun Jacob, junoh kimm, J.P. King, Mujgan Ozceylan, and Sara M. Grimes.

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Support and funding provided by the Knowledge Media Design Institute, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto.