Fall 2017 Poster Session Largest Ever for KMDI, Features Innovative Ideas

The winning poster from KMD 1001 is “Bridging the Divide Between Deaf and Hearing Communities.”

The Knowledge Media Design Institute hosted its bi-annual poster session on December 6th at Hart House.  The event has come a long way over the years and has grown considerably since its inception with the most recent poster session having the largest attendance in it’s history.

Students presented innovative ideas such as exploring the use of augmented reality to better engage students in the classroom or examining ways to improve online search tools to make the hunt for off-campus student housing easier, safer and more efficient.

This year’s event featured nineteen posters, fourteen from KMD 1001 and five from KMD 2002.  Students enrolled in KMD 1001 and KMD 2002 made group presentations to a panel of judges explaining the research findings of their respective posters.  Two winners were selected, one from each class.

From KMD 1001, Elena Chapman, Justina Lam, Mandy Poon, Claudia Szabuniewicz, Amelia Tan and Humaira Tasnim won for their work titled, “Bridging the Divide Between Deaf and Hearing Communities.”  The group contends that current communication methods between deaf and hearing communities are inadequate and alternative methods are needed that better meet the requirements of the deaf community.

“Team Resolve’s” poster “Side Kick for Netflix” was the winning project for KMD 2002.

The winning project from KMD 2002 was from “Team Resolve” whose group members include Leona De Souza, Michelle Johnstone, Morgan McDonnough, Emily Posthumus, Kaitlan Makund and Marian Uwadiegwu for their poster, “Sidekick for Netflix.”  “Team Resolve” asserts that young TV viewers are increasingly using a second screen while watching the streaming service.  Tapping into this user preference to multi-task opens up new ways for content producers to engage with their audiences when creating movies and television shows.

During the poster session, KMDI faculty, students and staff thanked outgoing KMDI Collaborative Program Director, Professor Mark Chignell, for his hard work and dedication on behalf of the Institute over the past five years.  Mark’s hard work has put KMDI in a position to continue to grow and thrive well into the future.

KMDI would like to thank Professors Olivier St.-Cyr, Mark Chignell, Kelly Lyons, Joseph Ferenbok and Cosmin Munteanu and Teaching Assistant Nicole Sultanum for acting as judges in the poster competition.

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~ Written By:  Richard Sunichura

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