{Interesting Reads} Big Data Analytics with Applications

At the Knowledge Media Design Institute we are all about interdisciplinary studies and engaging with the community around us to advance the study and creation of knowledge media. Alongside our pieces on KMDI faculty and students, we will be routinely sharing a link to an article that has been written in relation to Knowledge Media Рtopics like Big Data, Knowledge Translation, Healthcare or Education systems Рin the hope that it will encourage conversations and spark further research ideas.

In our first featured essay, Bi Zhuming and David Cochran identify research challenges & opportunities on Big Data Analytics in their work entitled, “Big data analytics with applications.”

Abstract: In this paper, recent developments on the Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications are surveyed, and the impact of newly developed Big Data (BD) on manufacturing information systems is especially discussed. Big Data analytics (BDA) has been identified as a critical technology to support data acquisition, storage, and analytics in data management systems in modern manufacturing. The purpose of the presented work is to clarify the requirements of predictive systems, and to identify research challenges and opportunities on BDA to support cloud-based information system.

Check out the link for the full article – DOI: 10.1080/23270012.2014.992985

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