KMDI Talk – Dr. Kori Inkpen: Remote Shared Experiences: Changing the Way We Communicate with Video

January 21, 2015

Remote Shared Experiences: Changing the Way We Communicate with Video

Abstract: Video communication through tools such as Skype, FaceTime and Hangouts has grown tremendously over the past decade and video is helpful at enabling people separated by distance to keep in touch with each other. However, too often we only think of video as a technology we use to call a distant friend or relative. Current uses of video communication have only scratched the surface of the huge potential video can provide in our everyday lives. Similar to how text messaging evolved and changed the way people communicate, video provides new opportunities not available in other mediums. The neXus Group at Microsoft Research is exploring next generation video communication tools to enable anytime, anywhere video conversations that can move beyond traditional “talking heads” conversations to support rich shared experiences.

This talk will showcase some of the many ways video is changing how we interact with others and justify why we should embrace the video generation. Video is already being used to enhance many activities in our daily lives, however, current tools are not well designed to support people doing things together. To better understand the challenges and opportunities in this space, we have explored many activities that people want to do together such as homework, shopping, watching TV, going to the park, going out to eat, and watching kids’ weekly lessons. We also explored the use of video to enhance special occasions like birthday parties or concerts and festivals. Results from this work reveal several key components that video communication systems need to provide to help us move beyond talking heads and enable people to both “be together” and “do things together”.

Bio: Dr. Kori Inkpen is a Principal Research and Research Manager of the neXus group at Microsoft Research (MSR). Her research interests are in the fields of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Human-Computer Interaction and her work explores alternative computing environments to support natural, seamless collaborative interactions, for both work and play. Her current focus in on how video is changing the way we communicate with others, and the huge potential it offers to transform the way we interact with friends, families and colleagues, both near and far. Dr. Inkpen has been an organiser of many international conferences including Technical Program Chair for CHI 2015, Conference Co-Chair for CSCW 2010 and Conference Co-Chair for Group 2007. Prior to joining Microsoft she was a Professor of Computer Science at Dalhousie University (2001-2007) and Simon Fraser University (1998-2001). Further information can be found at: