2016 Poster Session Winners shine brightly

On April 13, KMDI hosted its 6th bi-annual poster session and celebrated the end of term. The KMDI community made up of KMD 1001 students, faculty and some OCAD students met at Hart House.

The winners for the Spring 2016 Poster session are Mari Roohi, Kristel Tan, Melissa Tomko and Xiwen Zhou for their work, Redesigning the Mobile User Experience for LINXE Wireless Smart Lighting.

Like past sessions, judges were looking for a poster that concisely summarized the project and communicated all aspects of the research project in a clear, impactful and engaging way. The committee also looks for the ability of the groups to answer challenging questions about their work.

Congratulations to all who entered the poster session contest this year. Special thanks to Dr. Anthony Wensley, Dr. Kate Sellen and Dr. Joseph Ferenbok, our judges for this term. Click here to get a closer look at the winning poster.

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