{Interesting Reads} Editorial on Knowledge translation

KMDI is made up of a community of interdisciplinary studies.  We engage with the community around us to advance the study and creation of knowledge media.  Every so often we will share a link to an article that has been written in relation to Knowledge Media topics like Big Data, Knowledge Translation, Healthcare or Education systems.

“The key to success is to ensure that in knowledge translation knowledge is not lost in translation.” ~Geoffrey Hughes

In this 2008 editorial published in the Emergency Medical Journal, Geoffrey Hughes references a conference that occurred in North America during May 2007.  The conference was supported by the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine.  The editorial speaks about knowledge translation particularly in reference to clinical care and hospital culture and provides insight for students looking for a quick read on the applications of knowledge translation and past work that has been done in the study.  Enjoy!

Check out the link for the full article – DOI: 10.1080/23270012.2014.992985

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